Implants and other new technologies—including smartphone apps and over-the-counter monitors—are testing the very definition of medical records - Amy Dockser Marcus and Christopher Weaver


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Don’t Put That in My Heart Until You’re Sure It Really Works

Atrial fibrillation, a condition affecting three million to six million Americans, is caused by irregular contractions of the heart and results in an increased risk of stroke and death. Over the past two decades, cardiologists have increasingly treated it with a procedure called catheter ablation, in which small plastic catheters are used to create scars in the damaged heart tissue to prevent the aberrant electrical signals from spreading. Many have touted catheter ablation, which can cost well above $20,000, as a “cure” for atrial fibrillation.

Yet a new randomized controlled trial, the gold standard of clinical research, has produced disappointing results. The study, called the Cabana…

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Last Updated : Thursday, January 28, 2021