How can I trust the machine inside my body when it is running on proprietary code and there is no transparency - Éireann Leverett


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Go Ahead, Hackers. Break My Heart

My life depends on the functioning of a medical device: a pacemaker that generates each and every beat of my heart. I know how it feels to have my body controlled by a machine that is not working correctly, and this is why I encourage fellow security researchers to delve into these medical devices and find ways to make them more secure.

Four years ago, I woke up lying on the floor, but I had no idea how I’d gotten there or for how long I’d been out. Stunned, I went to the emergency room at the local hospital. It turned out I had fallen because my heart had taken a break—long enough to cause unconsciousness. Luckily, it started beating again by itself, but the resulting pulse was very…

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