Okay, buddy, you’ve done a great job beating every minute of every day for this guy’s 80+ years. Time to take a break, I got this - Barbara Dehn


image by: VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System

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Replacing a Heart Valve Without Opening the Heart

Imagine two experienced surgeons working side by side to replace a calcified, stenotic and tired aortic valve within a man’s heart without ever having to cut into the heart muscle. Imagine also, that unlike what was available in the past, this patient will not have to endure having his sternum or ribs broken to gain access to the heart that’s been pumping continuously, lub dub, lub dub, lub dub for over eight decades.

In fact, let’s stretch our imaginations and envision that this man’s heart will not even be stopped. Instead, it will be rapidly paced with a wire placed through a thin catheter placed in his neck vein. At the same time, another wire is threaded carefully up from his…

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