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Choosing life with a VAD (ventricular assist device)

Rain splattered, blurring my view of the Massachusetts state highway. The rental car’s wipers squeaked as they dragged across the windshield. Though I was briefly tempted to turn back, I kept driving. The man with the battery-operated heart had invited me to his home, and I didn’t want to be late.

I am a critical care doctor. Throughout the course of my training, I have learned how to manage a ventilator, how to treat sepsis, how to sort out the causes of renal failure. But what I didn’t learn is what comes after for those who do not die, whose lives are extended by days, months, or even years as a result of our cutting-edge treatments and invasive technologies, which is what led…

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 Choosing life with a VAD (ventricular assist device)

As I drove, I wondered what Van would tell me about what it had been like to learn that he wouldn’t get a new heart. Maybe he regretted the decision he had made to get the VAD, knowing now that he would never again be able to shower the way he liked, or to go fishing lest the machinery get wet. I wondered if he would be angry, resentful of his current reality.


The HeartMate 3 LVAD can be used for advanced heart failure patients needing short- or long-term mechanical circulatory support...


At MyLVAD our mission is to help improve the quality of life and outcomes for people living in the LVAD world. We hope to provide information, support, direction, and inspiration for those who live with LVADs.

Alphabet soup: CHF, LVAD,BiVAD

In this blog, I wanted to show followers of this blog some of the latest treatment options available for sufferers of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF or otherwise known as HF).

Current problems in VAD Therapy

Clinical update on ventricular assist devise therapy.

From The Bottom Of My LVAD

What LIFE is like living with a partial Artifcial Organ/Heart Pump called an LVAD.

Living with an LVAD, a caregiver's perspective

For those just finding this blog now.... please read about my family & our nine month journey "living with an LVAD." I've since started a new blog: Living Post Transplant, a Caregiver's Perspective. The link is:

LVAD Inc and Beyond

Day in and day out, living with my Heartmate II

Our Life, Our Love, His LVAD

LVAD life may not be perfect, but my love for him is...


The first left ventricular assist device (LVAD) was performed in 1984 and since that time there is an increasingly growing population of patients with LVADs. This means ED physicians will be seeing more and more of these patients in the ED and should have a basic understanding of how these devices work and have an adequate understanding of common complications and an approach to evaluate these patients.

Cleveland Clinic

The LVAD is implanted during open heart surgery. The parts of the LVAD may vary based on the type of device but mainly, there are four basic parts...

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