Calcium Channel Blockers

Magnesium operates as a natural calcium channel blocker and is responsible for relaxation—counter to calcium’s contraction - Katherine Czapp

Calcium Channel Blockers

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Urgent Warning For Those Taking Calcium Channel Blockers

If you are suffering with high blood pressure and heart disease, then you might be one of the millions of people taking Calcium channel blockers. Calcium channel blockers’ side effects...include constipation, headache, rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), fatigue and nausea. However, there is something else you need to know about these drugs… something that could potentially save you from ending up in hospital… and possibly even save your life.

Usually when you leave your doctor’s surgery with a new prescription, it’s very seldom that you’ll walk out knowing exactly what the side effects of the drug you are about to take are. Doctors just don’t explain the…

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