If you or anyone you know has uncontrolled hypertension, modifying the diuretic could be the most important yet overlooked intervention to bring it under control. The research has been done and shows it. It isn’t controversial - Samuel J Mann MD


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The Scandal of Uncontrolled Hypertension: A Widely-Overlooked Remedy

The tragedy is that we have the drugs to bring resistant hypertension under control in most cases and reduce the risk of cardiovascular events. And the fix is not expensive; it doesn’t require budget-busting new drugs or new technologies such as catheter ablations. It often lies in inexpensive, affordable drugs that are not new. One such drug class can solve uncontrolled hypertension in perhaps half of cases yet is widely under-prescribed and/or under-dosed, with tragic consequences. It is not receiving the attention or use it merits and needs.

That drug class is the diuretics. The right diuretic(s) at the right dose. Studies…

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