However, it has a series of drawbacks, not the least of which being the lack of agreement regarding what an appropriate MAP is in any given situation. The golden "MAP of 65" rule is another one of those things which has widespread support and absolutely no evidence - Alex Yartsev


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Hypertensive Emergency

The MAP is the average arterial pressure, which can be estimated as follows: MAP = [2(diastolic Bp) + Systolic Bp]/3

There are several reasons that MAP is the preferred measurement of blood pressure, as follows:

reason #1: MAP is what the automated Bp cuff is actually measuring

Automated oscillometric Bp cuffs measure the MAP directly (whereas the systolic and diastolic Bp are estimated using proprietary algorithms). This could make the MAP the most accurate measurement.

reason #2: MAP may be most closely related to the risk of hypertensive emergency

We tend to focus on the systolic blood pressure…

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