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As a cardiologist, I have been frustrated learning of athletes dying on the playing field unnecessarily and resuscitating people brought in to our ER with no brain viability – because people do not know what to do and it’s so simple. We have to change this - Dr. Holly S Andersen

Learn CPR

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CPR can save lives. Here’s how (and when) to do it

Over the past decade, CPR has changed. The currently-recommended technique is now incredibly simple, avoids putting your mouth on a stranger’s face (huzzah!), and could double—or triple—the victim’s chances of surviving a cardiac arrest.

Even if you learned this life-saving skill a while ago, it’s time to brush up. After all, if nobody takes action when someone collapses from cardiac arrest (that means their heart has stopped beating), that person will die.

“Cardiac arrest is uniformly fatal unless CPR is delivered,” says emergency-room physician Benjamin Abella, the director of the Center for Resuscitation Science at Penn Medicine.

The goal of doing CPR is not to bring…

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