Impella Heart Pump

The Impella not only changed my life, it saved my life along with the incredible medical staff I had taking care of me - It gave my heart the option to rest and eventually recover - Adrienne Nastari

Impella Heart Pump

image by: Baton Rouge General Medical Center

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To RCT or Not to RCT? Impella Debate Pivots on How Best to Study Patients on the Brink of Death

A patient presents to the emergency department with acute MI and quickly takes a nosedive, just as the cath lab is gearing up for urgent PCI. Cardiogenic shock can’t be ignored: the heart races, blood pressure drops, breathing is a struggle, and the organs are starved of oxygen. Without some sort of intervention, the woman or man on the table may lose consciousness. Without action, they will almost certainly die.

It’s a rapidly changing scenario that unfolds minute by minute, sometimes even within seconds. Clinicians continue to grapple with how to make choices in that life-or-death moment, when the patient is fading in front of them and there are a range of tools at hand. Yet, as…

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