This condition and costochondral syndrome were initially described as two separate diseases, the sole difference being the amount of swelling of the costal cartilages - Chiropractic Help


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The Norm: My Story

Costochondritis is disabling at times and is usually self limited but then again there's Tietze's...

By definition, Tietze's Syndrome is the inflammation of the costal cartilages, or the cartilage in between the rib cages and where the rib cage meets with the sternum. That is not my definition though. Truth be told I am just a kid, and to a teenager Tietze's is much more than "inflammation of the costal cartilages."

Tietze's means having to stop dancing because of the pain when moving the upper body.
Tietze's means having to stay home when friends are going out because getting out of bed is difficult.

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 The Norm: My Story

Tietze's means so much more than "inflammation of the costal cartilages." People need to understand that. I am not looking for sympathy, I am simply stating how my life has changed since being diagnosed with Tietze's.

Tietze Syndrome

Tietze syndrome is characterized by mild to severe localized pain and tenderness in one or more of the upper four ribs. The second or third ribs are most often affected. In most people, the cartilage of only one rib is affected. A firm, spindle-shaped swelling occurs in the cartilage of the affected rib. An aching, gripping, sharp, dull, or neuralgic pain occurs in this area. Sometimes, the pain may spread to affect the neck, arms and shoulders. Redness (erythema) and warmth of the affected area may be present.

Treatment, resources, and more...

This website is intended to provide information about costochondritis pain, and to point to relevant resources, information and specialists. Use the information provided to understand the causes of costochondritis pain, the diagnosis and treatment.

A Kid With Tietze's Syndrome

I am a teenager with costochondritis/Tietze's/scoliosis and have been suffering from the pain for about 3 years now. YUCK! Hope my blog will be helpful for other teenagers/kids/adults with costo and just trying to raise awareness about this horrible syndrome!

Chiropractic Help

This condition and costochondral syndrome were initially described as two separate diseases, the sole difference being the amount of swelling of the costal cartilages. Breastbone pain is commonly caused by this little understood, and generally poorly managed syndrome. It also affects the joint between the collarbone and the sternum; the sternoclavicular joint. It was first named by a German physician early in the twentieth century.

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Costochondritis is the medical term for inflammation of the cartilage that joins your ribs to your breastbone (sternum). This area is known as the costochondral joint.


First described by Alexander Tietze in 1921, Tietze's syndrome has been defined as a benign, painful, non-suppurative localised swelling of the costosternal, sternoclavicular or costochondral joints, most often involving the area of the second and third ribs. Only one area is usually involved and young adults are more commonly affected. The syndrome is uncommon and self-limiting.

Tim Pigott Physio

Tietze’s syndrome is very similar to another condition called costochondritis, which also causes pain in the costochondral joint. Sometimes, Tietze’s syndrome and costochondritis are thought to be the same, although only Tietze’s syndrome results in both pain and inflammation.

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