Knee Pain

The best way to feel at ease in the kitchen is to learn at someone's knee - Laurie Colwin

Knee Pain

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Three Biotech Solutions for Knee Repair

For reasons that are not entirely clear, damage to the key stabilizing structures of the knee joint often triggers a degenerative process that leads to the worn-out cartilage and chronic pain of osteoarthritis. The goal of next-generation treatment is to return the knee to its full function in as natural a way as possible, which may also slow or stop the runaway cycle that leads to arthritis. “It's repair and regeneration, rather than removal and replacement,” says orthopedic surgeon Martha M. Murray, who heads the Sports Medicine Research Laboratory at Boston Children's Hospital.

The need is huge. Every year an estimated 5.5 million people in the U.S. visit orthopedic surgeons for…

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