IlioTibial Band Syndrome

Frequently misunderstood, IT band syndrome is often treated incorrectly - Jason Fitzgerald

IlioTibial Band Syndrome

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Misconceptions of the IT Band

If you were to research IT band problems every day for the next year, there is a good chance you will accumulate over 365 different articles on causes, approaches to treatment, and quick fixes. Many of these articles would explain how the IT band rubs on the lateral femoral condyle, creating friction and pain (Lavine, 2010). Many other articles would argue that it is not friction and inflammation, but the compression of a highly innervated fat pad on the lateral aspect of the knee (Fairclough et al., 2006). Such suggestions are not incorrect, in fact, there is a good chance something is compressed and something is irritated.

However, it is important fitness professionals remember that…

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