Meniscus Injury

Meniscus surgery has come a long way from the old slogan ‘if it is torn, take it out!’, to the currently accepted ‘Save the meniscus!’, which now guides the evolving modern treatment methods for meniscal tears - Mahmut Nedim Doral

Meniscus Injury

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New Fixes for Worn Knees

Scientists have created artificial replacements for arms, legs, joints and other body parts. But developing an artificial meniscus—the shock-absorbing cartilage pad in the knee that millions of people damage every year—has eluded modern medicine.

Researchers are now tantalizingly close to achieving that goal, a step that could help stave off more serious problems, including arthritis and knee-replacement surgery, in later years...

There is plenty of demand for replacement menisci. The crescent-shaped pads (there are two in each knee) that separate the thigh and shin bones act as shock absorbers and stabilizers as people walk, run, pivot and bend. But they are highly vulnerable…

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