Minimally Invasive Surgery

Peeping toms are condemned; but peeping surgeons are hailed - Dr. Raveenthiran

Minimally Invasive Surgery

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The Future of Surgery: Less Cutting, More Robots

The inside of the human body is dark and closed off—for the most part—from the world around it. This is usually an advantage. But when something goes wrong and surgeons believe they can fix it, they need to open up the body's barriers and see inside. The most obvious strategy—an incision long enough to give the doctor a clear view—comes with its own complications, which is why, for centuries, surgeons have been testing tools and techniques that allow them to see and work inside the human body without slicing it wide open.

It's only in the past 30 years, though, that they've actually gotten good at it.

At the most basic level, looking inside the human body might involve putting…

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