Penis Transplantation

The penis is anatomically complicated: Half is in the body, half is outside; it doesn't just stick to the skin - Dr. Andrew Kramer

Penis Transplantation

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The Penis Transplant Is Not A Breakthrough Yet

The news of the first penile transplantation washed across Twitter feeds this morning and the usual casually assertive statements were made. One of the surgeons involved in the operation even trumpeted the results as "a massive breakthrough" in a press release from his institution.

Allow me to deflate the party somewhat on this "breakthrough." As described, the surgeons sewed very small nerves and vessels together. This is done every day, in every hospital in the US (think vasectomy reversal). There is nothing surgically novel about sewing two ends of a urethra together or really small blood vessels either for that matter (remember that John Wayne Bobbitt's severed penis was sewn back…

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Last Updated : Monday, August 10, 2020