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Global Health

It always seems impossible until it's done - Nelson Mandela

Global Health

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"Today, we face a global health paradox: in a world where technological advances in everything from cell phones to cellular microbiology have touched lives everywhere, there has never been as broad a divide in health status among disparate populations.

Gulfs in life expectancy, child mortality, and health services are mirrored by gaps in the fields we have traditionally relied upon for solutions: research, medicine, policy and governance. Closing the health divide between peoples means bridging these gaps as well as addressing the social context in which we live: an uneven exposure to global forces - including climate, economic, and political change - that makes the least powerful, the most vulnerable...

The health challenges of our world are not small, but too often our perspectives on these challenges have been too narrow. Confined to discrete categories of geography, diseases and disciplines, our picture of world well-being has missed the very thing that would make global health, global – an integrative point of view that embraces a multidimensional vision of world health.

Today, health must be understood within a worldwide reality of interconnected populations, causes and consequences in which it is no longer relevant to think in terms of discrete conditions, driven by isolated determinants, and addressed by fragmented efforts in research, services, policies and systems."

Source: Harvard Global Health Institute.