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We don't just talk about changing the world. We are!

A million plus health and medical websites but still confused. You are not alone. What was considered beneficial yesterday may no longer be true. Most of the well-known 'condition and news' sites can be boring, redundant and only provide a partial picture.

But there is the alternative, HealthWorldNet.com, an innovative award winning media company, the destination for a broad based audience including people with medical issues, those who simply want to stay healthy as well as anyone involved in the business of health including the health care industry, professionals, investors and students.

Our hip and entertaining print and video content includes in depth health reports, timely commentaries and entertaining videos on issues that matter. At the same time, Health WorldNet has become one of the world's largest entities covering global healthcare.

And we don’t just talk about changing the world . . . We are!

Health Entertainment Network, a division of Health WorldNet, is an evolving video network that conveys important health content thru the use of story telling. One of our current projects is the creation of a medical sci-fi TV series ‘Yggdrasil’ geared towards millennials, Generation Z and their parents. HEN has created a new paradigm in healthcare...'health entertainment'. When you GOOGLE 'health entertainment' we are Page One.

We are implementing a global campaign WHERE'S YOUR PADLOC? making people aware of their nearest Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) location along with increasing the # of PADs accessible on a 24-7 basis. Our goal is to double the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest by 2020. Additionally we are pursuing the development of a one day International Women's Health conference using our original It's Your Call health reports.

Changing the way health and medical content is delivered on the Internet and You. Who says you can't learn and be entertained at the same time? HealthWorldNet.com - Informed People, Healthier World.

earth photos by Bruce Irvine and Reto Stöckli, "jobs" photo courtesy U.S. Navy, "stay healthy" photo by Jasmine Kaloudis

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