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Why the hell didn’t I check this eight months ago when my doctor told me to? Too busy, I guess. This feels like an irresponsible, stupid and lame excuse - Brooke Burke-Charvet

Cancer is a scary word, but thyroid cancer is one of the most highly treatable forms of cancer. That being said, the five-year-survival rate for early papillary cancer, the most common type of thyroid cancer, is almost 100%, according to the American Cancer Society. So, obviously the key to survival is catching it early.

We can all learn from Brooke Burke-Charvet's experience, host of the popular Dancing with the Stars show. Because of her pre-existing thyroid issues she assumed a lump in her thyroid was the result of her prior Hashimoto’s issue, so she put off tests for almost 8 months, only to learn that she had the big C. Her procrastination was a mistake, because patients diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease have an increased risk of developing some form of thyroid cancer in their lifetime.

However, Burke-Charvet is very lucky. Not many people can put off cancer treatment for more than eight months and survive. We hear over and over, that if caught early most diseases are curable. Let this be a reminder to you…go get your physical, or go get that test that your doctor recommended. You may not be so lucky.