Run, Matthew, Run! 100 Marathons in 100 Days

Jun 4, 2012 | Stacy Matson | Best of Best

Everyone has goals or something important they want to do before they die. But what motivates people to commit and ultimately achieve their goal?

Think about New Year’s resolutions or diets.  They’re usually pretty simple; lose a few pounds, get a better job, quit smoking… But how many people stick with it for a week? A month?  Let alone make them a lifelong lifestyle change?  Not too many.

Matthew Loddy, 46, set one hell of a goal for himself; he wanted to run 100 marathons in 100 days, and he did. That’s 2,620 miles, by the way.   Like me, you’re probably wondering why on earth someone would do that to themself, right?  Loddy said he was inspired by a conversation he had with his friend Phil Latham before Phil died.  During that conversation Loddy promised Latham that he would do whatever he could to help those who had supported Latham and his family during his long battle with a rare form of stomach cancer.

So, a promise made, a plan hatched, and on January 14, 2012, Loddy began his journey in Lagos, Portugal having never run a full marathon in his life.  Travelling with his 84 year old father for support, Loddy’s journey was not easy. He was hospitalized three times, suffered from an assortment of infections, he had sprains, crippling leg cramps, fatigue, blisters the size of silver dollars, and he was attacked by birds.

But Loddy would not be deterred, he said, “The low points of my journey have not been the pains of the injuries – but the ones that have threatened failure.  Pain, I can cope with. I’ve got injuriesries that will probably stay with me for months, years, and possibly longer.  But whatever happens, happens.” Even through the pain Loddy never took a break from running and went so far as to clock in miles on a treadmill while crossing the English Channel.  

Eventually all of his hard work paid off and on April 22, 2012 Loddy completed his epic journey at the Virgin London Marathon running his fastest time of 3'09''33.   Best of all, in addition to running the 2,620 miles, Loddy raised more than 100,000 pounds (he’s British) for the Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity that supports young people battling cancer, and the St. Francis Hospice in Berkhamsted, where Latham was treated before he died.

In his final blog Loddy said, “100 marathons completed in 100 days! My promise to Phil was carried out! My mental battle over! I had done it, 100 in 100! Me and my dad had completed a massive challenge, in hindsight, totally ill-prepared, but we had got the job done! We had spirit, determination, willpower and faith.”

Because Matthew Loddy succeeded Phil Latham’s memory will live on through the Framework Foundation and hundreds of sick children will have desperately needed medical care, and terminally ill adults will be cared for with respect and compassion during their last days.

The Bottom Line

Many people have done amazing things in the name of charity, friendship and love. However, there is much to be learned from Matthew Loddy.  He has proved that with passion and determination you can succeed at whatever you put your mind to.  He showed me that the true definition of success is the completion of anything intended and that motivation is the desire to do something successfully. 


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Stacy Matson, a health enthusiast from Southern California, regularly blogs on Celebrity Health for A Healthier World, as well as contributing to the Best of the Best.

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