Informed people, healthier world

Informed people, healthier world

Gas Stoves

Stoves resonate with people. It is the only fossil fuel that we use where you’re standing right over the flame breathing everything that the stoves are emitting from their flame and from pipelines - Robert Jackson

People's CDC

We demand a layered, collective, and equitable approach to the pandemic - People's CDC


Respiratory syncytial virus is the culprit in up to 90% of cases of bronchiolitis. The reason RSV is so nasty is the immune response to the virus: it binds to epithelial cells, replicates, and the submucosa becomes edematous and hypersecretes mucus - Tim Horeczko MD


Even if you get the flu vaccine and take everyday preventive action you can still be unlucky and get the's one of the smartest viruses known to man - HWN

Tap Water

Next time you take a sip, stop and think: What's in my water? Mike Del Ponte

Abortion Rights

What I have learned above all else is that abortion is a blood issue. It is about who has power and who does not. If you want the right to abortion, you are going to have to fight for it. There is no compromise - Susan Matthews

Misinformation - Covid-19

Myths which are believed in tend to become true - George Orwell


Restoring nature to its natural state is a cause beyond party and beyond factions - Richard Nixon


The suicide rate among veterans is about twice that of the general population, and has been rising among younger veterans who served during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - Dave Philipps

Climate Change

In a sense, climate change is an opportunity for us to step up—to grow up—as a species.- Emma Marris

Abortion Pill

I bought them online. They’re easy to get, and they’ll change everything - Farhad Manjoo

Gun Violence

Gun violence in particular acts very much like a social contagion. It spreads like a virus - Daniel Webster

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Our Story

It's a complicated time with so much information and along with it, disinformation, and we just want to just cut through the noise - Shepherd Smith

To meet this challenge HWN is changing the way health and medical content is delivered on the internet. By using the power of storytelling and imagery our innovative easy-to-use platform provides clarity on issues that matter to you and our planet's health.

Our targeted and diverse original and curated content, including showcasing what people are talking about, entertains and empowers a broad-based audience including people with medical challenges, those who simply want to stay healthy and anyone involved in the business of health.

The world of health and medicine is vast and constantly evolving. Every health issue has a story to tell and a world of its own but searching for information can be tedious and frustrating. Say goodbye to time consuming searches. No matter what the topic Diagnos strives to give you the best sources on the internet.

First the internet, now Healthworldnet connecting you to the world of health and medicine, the alternative to the usual disease, condition and wellness sites. But we don't stop there. Our platform also includes:

Where's Your Padloc? is our global campaign that focuses on increasing public awareness about Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) along with expanding PAD accessibility 24-7. Our goal is to double the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest by 2030.

Health Entertainment Network features evocative visual media as well as Novateurs highlighting 'ordinary yet extraordinary' people dedicated to creating a healthier you and our planet.

At a time when so much is going on, we give you a moment of calm where you can just focus on one thing, get some history, get some context and feel like you actually understand what’s happening - Mary Harris

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