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Side Effects
Side Effects

If you think vaccination is an ordeal now, consider the 18th century version. After having pus from a smallpox boil scratched into your arm, you would be subject to three weeks of fever, sweats, chills, bleeding and purging with dangerous medicines, accompanied by hymns, prayers and hell-fire sermons by dour preachers - Arthur Allen

Adverse Events
Adverse Events

The challenge now is to work out which of these events are actually linked to the vaccine - Ariana Remmel

Breakthrough Infections
Breakthrough Infections

Post-immunization cases, sometimes called “breakthroughs,” are very rare and very expected - Katherine J. Wu

Mask Mandates
Mask Mandates

Though the science on the effectiveness of masks for reducing the spread of the coronavirus is more established now than it was early in the pandemic, mandatory masking is still a new and contentious idea - Lois Parshley


If you’re unvaccinated, I am not asking you to get a shot; I’m asking you to give your decision a second thought and what it means to others - Leonard Woolsey


Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health -The Great Barrington Declaration

Social Distancing
Social Distancing

Distance means so little, when life means so much ― Amit Kalantri

Self Isolation
Self Isolation

There is a difference between solitude and isolation. One is connected and one isn’t. Solitude replenishes, isolation diminishes - Henry Cloud


One of the things that has made this virus so hard to contain is presymptomatic, silent spread. If you quarantine as soon as you have an exposure, you’ll prevent any forward transmission, and that’s the key to break the transmission chain - Abraar Karan

Women & Covid-19
Women & Covid-19

A woman’s health is her capital - Harriet Beecher Stowe

Children & Covid-19
Children & Covid

This is a novel diagnosis that doesn’t exactly have a name, doesn’t exactly have a timeline, doesn’t exactly have a protocol. We didn’t learn about this in medical school - Dr. Katie Schafer

Teens & Covid-19 Vaccines

Pediatricians are used to talking to nervous parents about vaccines, but they concede that the Covid shot poses unique persuasion challenges - Abby Goodnough and Jan Hoffman

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It's a complicated time with so much information and along with it, disinformation, and we just want to just cut through the noise - Shepherd Smith

To meet this challenge HWN is changing the way health and medical content is delivered on the internet. By using the power of storytelling and imagery our innovative easy-to-use platform provides clarity on issues that matter to you and our planet's health.

Our targeted and diverse original and curated content, including showcasing what people are talking about, entertains and empowers a broad-based audience including people with medical challenges, those who simply want to stay healthy and anyone involved in the business of health.

Say goodbye to time consuming searches. The world of health and medicine is vast and constantly evolving. Every health issue has a story to tell and a world of its own but searching for information can be tedious and frustrating. No matter what the topic Diagnos strives to give you the best sources on the internet.

HWN is the first and only company that covers the world of health and medicine and has positioned itself as the true alternative to the usual disease and condition websites. But we don't stop there. Our platform also includes:

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