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HealthWorldNet provides consumers with a virtual world full of useful health and medical information in an entertaining, interactive, and informational manner. Partner with HealthWorldNet to get your message out to our highly-targeted audience across hundreds of segments in the health and medical fields. Advertising opportunities with HealthWorldNet are customized to meet a particular corporation's or product's branding strategy.

Place your advertisements alongside content that relates to your product or message or collaborate with HealthWorldNet to create custom content that will be informative to our visitors and help educate them about your products or services or incorporate informative content directly into HealthWorldNet that drives home your company's message. And we can incorporate videos, games, and other interactive functionality into your advertisements.

Our advertising platform supports images, custom HTML, JavaScript, text, Flash, Unicast, Pointroll, EyeBlaster, DHTML, and virtually every other type of banner. Additional costs may apply if your multimedia ads run off our servers. Keyword-target pay-per-click (PPC) advertising opportunities are made available throughout HealthWorldNet using Google's AdSense Network. Banner or text ads sizes can be customized to meet your specific needs,

Currently we offer two ad spaces per page on the site.  The dimensions of which are dependent on the viewer's screen size.   


Run of Site - $500/month or $5,000/year with 2 months free. Your ad will rotate throughout the entire 8,000+ viewable pages of the HealthWorldNet site giving you maximum exposure to all the audiences of HealthWorldNet.

Target zones -  $200/month or $2,000/year with 2 months free. For the target zone rate you will be able to choose the three zones that apply most directly to your product or service. If your target market is too focused for your message to be relevant to all our visitors, we have pricing options for highly-focused advertising packages that display your advertisement only on certain sections of our website. .

Sponsored Links: $400/year. Individual Link Sponsorships are available which highlight and expand the individual link listing on a page. Additional copy is also included. Your paid links will be separated in a highlighted area and featured at the top of the links list.

Four different reports as well as elaborate statistics are made available to you via a real-time reporting tool that you can access anytime over the internet. You will be able to see exactly how your advertisements are performing on HealthWorldNet, providing you with valuable data for optimizing your campaigns over time.

For inquiries about advertising and sponsorships, contact us and for the types of advertisements we will accept and policies, refer to our Advertising Policy.


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