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Articles must be health and/or medical in nature and may include photos and/or art, but must include research and/or source references. Authors will be given a byline and credit. Any article submitted may include photographs or other artwork as long as a release and/or waiver by any person in the photograph has been granted.

We will accept articles of any length however that they may be edited for grammer, length and accuracy. Submissions must be made by the original author or include a specific release to HealthWorldNet. The submission must include the author's name and contact information including email and phone.

Indepth coverage of contemporary issues will usually be featured in The Insider, whereas Heads or Tails covers the controversial issues of our day and will present both sides of the issue which may be pro/con, true/false, fact/myth etc. The Cutting Edge highlights what's new in the health and medical industry. Topics may include new drugs, treatment, facilities or centers, research, technology, equipment and even new and interesting websites. Best of the Best features people or products that are helping to create a healthier world

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