Stem Cell Clinics

Many clinics offering stem cell treatments make claims that are not supported by a current understanding of science - International Society for Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Clinics
Stem Cell Clinics

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Stem Cell Clinics Are Ruining People's Lives

It's a nightmare story: Three women pay tens of thousands of dollars to a South Florida clinic for unproven "stem cell therapy," only to end up blind. At least one thought she was part of a clinical trial—undergoing an experimental treatment, certainly, but presumably with adequate safeguards. Instead, the women found themselves in a much murkier situation, receiving dubious treatment at a clinic that was almost entirely unregulated. The results, in this case, speak for themselves, and critics warn that there's a large and growing problem with patients being promised revolutionary "stem cell therapy," only to find they've wasted their money—or worse.

"It's a big problem because these…

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 Stem Cell Clinics Are Ruining People's Lives

Patients are promised revolutionary therapy, only to find they’ve wasted their money—or worse.

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