Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

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Needless to say, virtual reality is having a huge moment. And while the video game industry remains the market leader, other industries – including healthcare – have also made significant strides in the VR space. In 2004, there were about 100 virtual reality-related articles on PubMed; today, there are 6,121. Until recently, virtual reality technology for medical use was primarily cultivated in academic research settings, but in the last few years, private industry interest in the technology has erupted.

According to Goldman Sachs, healthcare now represents the second largest virtual reality market, and it’s already clear how VR has changed the landscape of medicine for all stakeholders.


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 Embodied Labs

We create immersive, interactive experiences for health education.

 Firsthand Technology

Firsthand Technology is the industry leader in Virtual Reality for healthcare – pioneering VR’s high bandwidth channel to help the brain and body excel to the greatest potential.

 Guided Meditation VR

Bring peace, joy, and calm back into your daily life with the virtual relaxation app Guided Meditation VR. Use at home or work, while your mind vacations in exotic locations across the universe.


Holopoint has been referred to as the first virtual reality sport due to its fast action and physically demanding nature. Players must fight their way through waves of responsive targets, samurai, and highly dangerous ninjas - all while drawing, nocking, and shooting arrows as quickly as possible.

 Medical Realities

We use the latest virtual reality technology to deliver accessible surgical training.


Our breakthrough computing platform humanizes virtual reality, solving complex problems with the power of neuroscience and machine learning. We partner with healthcare and entertainment companies to harness the power of the brain to deepen human/machine interaction.

 Touch Surgery

We use cognitive mapping techniques, cutting edge AI and 3D rendering technology to codify surgical procedures. Touch Surgery also partners with leaders in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality working toward a vision of advancing surgical care in the operating room (OR).

 Virtual Reality Solutions

Virtual Reality takes interaction with information to a whole new level. This interaction lets professionals in product design, manufacturing, healthcare, architecture, and media and entertainment open doors to new insights and breakthroughs.


"VirZOOM is the perfect VR headset accessory for game-loving fitness enthusiasts" - Tech Times.


VisitU allows patients to get in contact with their beloved ones whenever en wherever they want.

Medical Realities

The Medical Realities Platform delivers high-quality surgical training using Virtual Reality. Become immersed while world-class surgeons teach in our interactive modules. Medical Realities is supported by industry partners to ensure our modules are curriculum-led and of exceptional quality.

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