Payment Transparency

Everyone will know everyone else's business: for example, how much insurers Aetna and Humana pay the same surgery center for a knee replacement - Julie Appleby

Payment Transparency

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Health insurers are now required to post prices they pay to hospitals

You know, this is a big deal because these prices have long been a big secret, right? People don't know how much they're going to pay for health care before they go and actually access that care. Even employers who are, after all, paying the bills, a lot of times - they don't know what their insurers have negotiated at various places. So the fact that this is going to be posted and that everybody can see it is a really big deal. And it's not just hospital prices. This is going to be prices for just about everything that an insurer contracts for - so the hospital, the clinics, the imaging centers, even the doctors. So this will be one more step towards shining a light on what has been a very…

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Last Updated : Monday, March 6, 2023