The paradox of the ICU is that low-tech humanistic skills are the key to success in medicine’s highest-tech place - Christopher Johnson MD


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Life in the PICU

Six weeks ago, my family went on a much-needed, highly-anticipated vacation from the polar vortex of Boston to the sunny beaches of Florida. Turns out it was six weeks and a lifetime ago. It was the last time my husband and I slept under the same roof as our three kids; the last time, for that matter, my husband and I spent even five minutes in a room by ourselves; and the last time our 9-year-old daughter slept freely, unencumbered by tubes in her nose, IVs in her arms and the lifeline that now attaches her to a ventilator.

What happened should have been a non-event; our daughter caught a cold. But when you have an underlying mitochondrial disease such as our daughter’s, there’s…

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