Contraceptive Implants

It's still interesting that a doctor could take a scalpel to a person's sex organs and render them still more likely to conceive than a person with a removable implant - James Hamblin MD

Contraceptive Implants

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What It's Like To Get a Hormonal Implant, Also Known As The Best Birth Control Option You Haven't Considered

During the summer of 2013, my boyfriend and I had one of those magical summers where every other weekend, we were at another wedding. Suddenly, everyone started to talk about babies — which, of course, felt a little crazy. After all, I'm only 26 years old. I work a full-time day job, attend graduate school just shy of full-time, and I'm a writer and critic. My partner is ambitious too: a digital marketer with Silicon Valley dreams and a work ethic like nothing I've ever seen. We're a team, pushing each other and supporting each other, like Frank and Claire (but a little less evil). I love babies, but do I want to be responsible for a human being for the next 18 years (or more) of my life?…

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