IVC Filters

IVC filters offer little benefit for patients who can tolerate anticoagulation. They carry no mortality benefit and may lead to a variety of filter-related complications - Josh Farkas

IVC Filters

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No Benefit For A Commonly Used Cardiac Device

Once again, after decades of common use, a frequently implanted device has been found to confer no benefit whatsoever over a much less invasive therapy. Cardiologists and radiologists often implant the device, called a retrievable inferior vena cava filter, inside people who are at high risk for developing potentially lethal blood clots. The filter is designed to prevent pulmonary embolism, an extremely dangerous condition that occurs when a blood clot from the legs migrates into the lungs. Now a new study published in JAMA shows that these devices provide no advantage over anticoagulant drugs which thin the blood.

A group of French physicians randomized nearly 400 hospitalized…

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