Wind Power

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Wind Power

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Is wind energy a viable alternative to fossil fuels?

‘Scotland’s on track to meet 100% renewable energy demand by 2020.’ This bold statement first hit the headlines in June 2019. In the first half of 2019 Scotland’s wind turbines generated enough clean, fossil-free electricity to power almost every household in Scotland—twice over! Since then, even more renewable energy projects have been proposed and constructed. Currently under construction is the Beatrice offshore wind farm which power around 450,000 homes. In addition to this Seagreen wind-farm which, when finished, will generate enough electricity to supply one million homes, 40% of all Scottish households. There now are no coal fired power plants in Scotland and only one gas fired station,…

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 Is wind energy a viable alternative to fossil fuels?

Unquestionably, the most well-known and straightforward argument for wind power is the fact that it is infinite. Wind has always been on the earth and always will be. Humans have been harnessing the power of the wind for use in mills since the 9th century.

Wind Vision

The Wind Energy Technologies Office led a comprehensive analysis to evaluate future pathways for the wind industry.

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