If we use crowdsourcing for healthcare costs as a way to replace what a good healthcare system might do, then we’re really creating a new health disparity - Margaret Moon


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Should Medical Research Ever Be Crowdfunded?

Everyone agrees that medical research is expensive and that there isn't enough government funding to go around. Everyone agrees that AIDS is bad and so a HIV vaccine would be good, particularly one that is given away for free.

But the Immunity Project's attempt to create just such a vaccine has been a cause of much disagreement over the question of whether medical research should ever be crowdfunded. It's a debate that's been raging ever since medical research first popped up on the crowdfunding stage. But because crowdfunding is relatively new territory, that debate isn't all that old. According to

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 Should Medical Research Ever Be Crowdfunded?

Since there’s more science happening than could ever be funded by the government, maybe crowdfunding is an important tool to start these things off - Reid Rubsamen, M.D.


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