The art of medicine is in amusing a patient while nature affects the cure - Voltaire


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ExerGames: Not Just Another Health Craze!

Can exergames be used positively to treat childhood obesity and get kids moving more than just their thumbs? In contrast to traditional video games, exergames allow players to experience various activities (e.g., bowling, fishing, tennis, golf) in a virtual world or even take a walk or run. Hand controllers are eliminated and the body is used to power the game.

For obese children, “eating less and moving more” is the formula. In fact, research has revealed that children were six times more likely to take to exercise if it involved a video game. 

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 ExerGames: Not Just Another Health Craze!

Exergames (exercise + games) otherwise known as active video games are being touted as the ultimate cure for obesity. Refreshing, since everyone is still looking for that magic diet pill!


A fitness game that utilizes the EyeToy camera (including a wide-angle lens attachment) to allow players to work out in interactive games, work on posture and balance, and tone their body with conditioning exercises.

Fun, Fitness, and Skills

Fun, Fitness, and Skills... owerful Original Games Approach brings 93 fresh games with countless variations. The games are easy to adjust to all grade and ability levels, and you''ll never run out of fresh ideas for fun and exciting games that teach fitness concepts and skills.

Snowboard Simulator

Our Snowboard Simulator machine allows you to race down snowy slopes against competitors. No need to go to a mountain when you can hop on our Snowboard Simulator!

Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus combines fun and fitness into one product. It can change how you exercise, how you balance, and even how you move. Expanding upon the original Wii Fit software, Wii Fit Plus is packed with every feature from Wii Fit–plus new exercises and tools to personalize your exercise routine.

Exergaming Research Centre

An innovative research project is hoping to discover whether the new generation of ‘exergames’ can really impact on youth fitness, and perhaps help with the growing incidence of obesity among Canadian youth.

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