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Can Public Health Messages Be Entertaining? ZDoggMD Thinks So

In the world of digital doctors, medical advice is a dime a dozen. No shortage of Twitter docs exhort followers to dutifully apply sunscreen, schedule their colonoscopies, exercise more and eat less.

Then there’s ZDoggMD, aka Dr. Zubin Damania, a Stanford-trained internist. He’s the irreverent yin to the coterie of earnest physicians’ yang, with a bevy of saucy YouTube rap videos including one championing safe sex that’s titled “Pull and Pray” and another about the importance of getting the flu vaccine that’s packed with R-rated double entendres.

With more than 50 videos and nearly 1 million views, ZDogg — a nod to rapper Snoop Dogg, natch — is finding that his anti-white…

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Last Updated : Tuesday, March 20, 2018