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It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men - Frederick Douglass

Child Health
Child Health

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Your Mother was Right! Health Tips From Mom

Do you ever wonder if some of the health advice your mom gave you growing up was actually correct? ...we credit those moms who really do know a thing or two about child health.

1. Give your child chicken soup when she is sick.

There is merit to chicken soup. Children need to drink extra fluids when they are sick. Fevers, coughs, diarrhea, vomiting, and infections all can contribute to dehydration. Chicken soup is a great tasting fluid, has electrolytes (salt), and the vegetables that you cook in it leak all of their vitamins into the soup. Basically this is homemade “smart water” heated up. An added bonus: the chicken gives kids protein they need to…

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 Your Mother was Right! Health Tips From Mom

Do you ever wonder if some of the health advice your mom gave you growing up was actually correct?

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I support parents in cultivating an environment for raising vibrant kids and building healthy food relationships. Together we can build a foundation for healthy living that can stay with your children for a lifetime. I help families address chronic disease and find a path to healing.


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Life has been such a whirlwind lately. My heart has been filled with angst about this school year for Kendall. I know I’m not alone amongst the other moms of Kindergarteners beginning school this fall. It’s difficult to put your child in the care of others. Of course we have a trusted group of nurses, teachers, and related services….but the uncertainty of the unknown makes my head spin.

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My daughter was two months old on the day that I discovered that I had missed her first bath. And her second. And her third. And I don't actually know how many others because I was too embroiled in my emotions, simultaneously outraged and heartbroken, to ask. Scarlette was born at twenty five weeks. At one pound, eight point six ounces she fell into the category of "Micro-Preemie" and she was fragile.

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