Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway - Earl Nightingale


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Be Yourself, Nurses; Everyone Else is Taken

Owning and stepping into your own genius as a nurse is important; and genius is, of course, relative for all nurses. At times, we can lose heart and feel that we just can't become the person or professional we thought we could be; however, seeking our own individual path is paramount when it comes to creating a career that feels tailor-made just for us, and not just a path someone else said was the best one to follow.

Whether you feel like an impostor or your career has grown stale, there's nothing you can be other than yourself; and if you're trying terribly hard to be just like someone else (or do what others tell you is right), you may end up missing the mark altogether.


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 Be Yourself, Nurses; Everyone Else is Taken

Whether you feel like an impostor or your career has grown stale, there's nothing you can be other than yourself; and if you're trying terribly hard to be just like someone else (or do what others tell you is right), you may end up missing the mark altogether.

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Nurses often need inspiration to refuel their dedication to their career, and reading blogs is a great way to be inspired. It also helps introduce you to numerous untold stories of being a nurse as well as real experiences and the valuable insights gained from them. News and journals about the nursing practice are also helpful, especially if you want to stay updated about the latest trends in the nursing practice.


We offer informative, relevant, and entertaining articles for your reading pleasure. It’s like your favorite Nursing lifestyle magazine—only on steroids. So sit back, relax, and let us entertain you with countless of information guaranteed to keep you occupied and remind us all that Nursing is always here to stay. After all, Nursing is all about sharing. Keep the passion burning nurses!

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