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Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine - Lord Byron

Shilo Zylbergold
Shilo Zylbergold

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The future is now and what’s out there already in terms of genetic engineering is just the tip of the iceberg - Dr. Wolfgang Frankenheimer

5 Ways To Get Rid of Belly Fat Spam

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes? What is the leading health threat of our times? The answer is rife with controversy, but judging by the ubiquitous number of TV infomercials, computer pop-ups, and magazine covers crying out from supermart checkout counters, you would think the number one health villain menacing the world today is belly fat.

AEDs: The Power to Save Lives

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to save a life. You just need to know where you can find one, and it will practically do the rest itself.

Big Al's Used Organ Lot

Okay, maybe this is no laughing matter. The demand for viable organ transplants, however, is not going away any time soon. We are either going to have to find an ethical and honourable way of solving this enormous problem or the day of "Big Al's Used Organ Lot" may not be so far away.

Doctor, Doctor, Where Art Thou?

What do you do when your family doctor tells you that you’re not wanted any more? Who do you turn to when retirement or relocation forces your doctor to ask for a divorce? Is there life after being set adrift from the person who knows all your secrets?

Fountain of Youth

What’s with all this infusion confusion diffusing through the fitness training rooms and health spas of the nation these days? Have the forces of anti-aging and eternal wellness tapped into the latest “Fountain of Youth” mania to deliver yet one more chance to sidestep the inevitable?

Kratom: Jekyll or Hyde?

What do you get when you cross extremely high-test coffee with sleeping pills? What has the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) been planning to ban because it represents an “imminent hazard to public safety”? What is Thailand considering for legalization because it is seen as a safer alternative for meth addicts? No, it is not a latte laced with barbiturates. Nor is it a caffeinated horse tranquilizer. The answer to all three of the above questions is none other than kratom, the latest drug craze to hit the market on these shores.

Pity the Poor Cigarette Smoker

The world has become a colder, harsher place for the once proud puffer as the bastions of second hand smoke prohibition, perhaps better described as “second mouth smoke,” have tightened the noose around his neck.

Prostate Cancer - Now What?

They say it's better to give than to receive... It all began about three years ago when my doctor referred me to a urologist to look into my excessive need to urinate. Several blood tests, a couple of ultrasounds, and one prostate biopsy later, I was informed that I was the one of the one-in-six men who hit the cancer sweepstakes.

Prostate Cancer Part Deux, Here I Go Again

I didn’t think when I wrote the column about my experiences with prostate cancer four years ago, that I would have to write a sequel. I was wrong. As it turns out, even though the surgery to remove my cancerous prostate gland had been deemed a success and I had been given a clean bill of health, the luck of the dice has not rolled my way.

Shoot the Messenger

What does a scalding cup of coffee have to do with a health website? It seems to me that although we all may instinctively know that putting a container of boiling hot coffee in our laps might not be such a good idea, we don’t apply the same measure of common sense when figuratively holding other health hazards between our knees.

Thank God for Medicare

All I can say is “thank God for Medicare” as I have recently started my third face-off with cancer. Ten years ago my family doctor discovered an enlarged prostate gland and further tests showed I had early stage prostate cancer.

Virtual Chemotherapy

Today, whether you want to or not, you are coming along for a ride to my chemotherapy session. You’re welcome. You might call this a virtual chemo experience.

Why Nobody Ever Talks About Henry the Ninth

Nobody asked me, but this week I am going to tell you everything you never wanted to know about gout but were too disinterested to ask. First of all, there is nothing at all funny about gout. Gout is NOT a laughing matter (in fact, laughing makes it hurt more). One would have to be crazy to think one could write a humour column about gout.

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