Acupuncture is a "retrospective science, going on for 3,000 years. We know it works, we just don't know why - Leena Mathew MD


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A Healthy Poke: Demystifying the Science Behind Acupuncture

While many practices in alternative medicine are slowly but surely making their way into the mainstream, acupuncture is one that still produces skeptical eyebrow raises. This phenomenon is partly due to linguistics. Scientists have worked to elucidate the mechanisms by which yoga, meditation, and various dietary interventions may work on the cells of the body, but there is something fundamentally more ancient-feeling about the language of acupuncture. Go to the NIH's website on complementary and alternative medicine (NCCAM), and even here you'll find a discussion that involves qi, yin, yang, and meridians.

Is it possible to discuss acupuncture in a way that makes sense to even the…

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 A Healthy Poke: Demystifying the Science Behind Acupuncture

Many of us have started to embrace the use of alternative medicine, but acupuncture, with its qi, yin, and meridians, still raises eyebrows.

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At the core of the Project is the training of local community healthcare providers so that they can provide the treatments. This is a very important aspect of this Project in that it empowers the people themselves.

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The limited awareness and understanding of the scope, power and flexibility of 'Traditional Acupuncture' both within and without the profession is the greatest challenge we face today.

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