Doctors will have more lives to answer for in the next world than even we generals - Napoleon Bonaparte


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What Doctors Aren't Learning In Medical School And Why It Matters

In the 1960s, America’s doctor was Marcus Welby, a family physician who made house calls, didn’t charge patients who couldn’t afford it, and maybe even delivered a calf on the side of the road—all before performing difficult neurosurgery on a child before the end of the show.

This generation’s favorite doctor is Gregory House: drug addicted, narcissistic and, of course, analytically brilliant.

Physicians have gone from saints to sinners in the public’s eye, which is why the results of athenahealth’s ninth “Epocrates Future Physicians Of America Survey” don’t surprise me. If you didn’t see it, this survey asked 1,462 medical students to share their opinions about topics…

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Last Updated : Tuesday, March 8, 2022