ECG Interpretation

Make some leads your favourites. aVR is a good one for unveiling Very Bad Things. aVL is also rather nice, as even a sniff of sagginess in its ST’s is incredibly useful in the search for ischaemia - Dr Michelle Johnston

ECG Interpretation

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How To Read An ECG

The technique I employ has been honed over years of having a handful of seconds to come up with a germane and reasonably firmish electrocardiographic diagnosis. Mostly ECGs can be read by skidding; skimming the page with one of the currently unused quadrants of your vision (a kind of reverse homonymous quadrantinopia). This double-jointed vision is very useful... and allows the remaining three free to scan the patient, the intern trying to cannulate a flailing arm in the next bed, the ruckus swarming around a trolley being wheeled in from the ambulance bay, and the monitor squealing the Very Important Alarm across the corridor. Realising that these don’t add up you discover you have not been…

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