Inside the ER Emergencies

When I come on to my shift, I don’t have any clue what I’m going to see - Kathleen Clem MD

Inside the ER Emergencies

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The times they are a changing

The integration of medicine 2.0 within our daily work routine may appear to be a complex and non-intuitive burden. However the web 2.0 rollercoaster is definitely a ride we should all take, with the deployment of progressive and adaptive internet based tools, the integration of high quality media and the evolution of semantic search. If the attitudinal wind of change is embraced and colleagues collectively combine their online knowledge, the clinical, educational, social and timely benefits are enormous. Generation Y will not, and should not, leave the rest of us behind. The author hopes this article stimulates as many people as possible to rise to the challenge and get with the times!

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 The times they are a changing

With the era of Generation Y doctors, open-source publishing, micro-blogging, ‘stumbling’ and ‘tweeting’ upon us, now is an important time to review the implications of the internet age on emergency medicine.

Top 20 Most Common ER Diagnoses

... patients primarily seek care at emergency departments for non-emergency medical events. Chest pain is by far the most common reason diagnosis at hospital ERs.

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