Eye Emergencies

In a dark time, the eye begins to see - Cavett Robert

Eye Emergencies

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Top 10 Eye Emergency Pearls

Top 10 Eye Emergency Pearls

  1. Always screen patient for an Afferent Pupillary Defect (APD)!
  2. A negative Seidel Test does not rule out a Globe rupture
  3. Avoid NSAIDS and aspirin in Hyphemas and Globe Rupture
  4. CT Scan of the Orbit is only 56-68% sensitive for identifying a Globe Rupture, so don’t solely rely on it for the diagnosis!
  5. Order a Sickle Cell Protein Hemoglobin Electrophoresis test for every patient that is African American and presents with a traumatic hyphema.
  6. Avoid Topical Pain control, such as Tetracaine 0.5%, in Hyphemas
  7. Avoid Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors such as Acetazolamide in Sickle Cell patients…

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 Top 10 Eye Emergency Pearls

Always screen patient for an Afferent Pupillary Defect (APD)! A negative Seidel Test does not rule out a Globe rupture...

Corneal Ulcer

Here are some quick facts...

FB Cornea

In many cases, the best instrument is a needle. A 25-gauge 5/8” needle gives adequate strength and is short enough to avoid flexure. Typically, less surrounding tissue damage is caused when using a needle than a spud. The blunt edge of the spud dramatically reduces the risk of perforation, but in the hands of a steady practitioner, the needle is often preferred.

Retrobulbar Hemorrhage

Therapy depends on whether there is compressive optic neuropathy or severely raised IOP: Evidence of optic neuropathy or severely raised IOP (>40 mmHg) — lateral canthotomy and cantholysis should be performed immediately (ideally by an ophthalmologist); use procedural sedation in the ED if it does not cause a delay. No evidence of optic neuropathy but IOP is raised (e.g. >30 mmHg) — treat with agents used to lower IOP (e.g. topical timolol, acetazolamide, mannitol; see acute glaucoma).

Slit Lamp

How to use a slit lamp to check for corneal defects.


The award winning Reichert Tono-Pen AVIA tonometer is an easy to use, handheld instrument that provides IOP readings that correlate strongly with Goldmann tonometry.

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