At a given instant everything the surgeon knows suddenly becomes important to the solution of the problem. You can't do it an hour later, or tomorrow. Nor can you go to the library and look it up - John W Kirlin


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I am a surgeon: Therefore I think

If you can’t do this drunk, you shouldn’t be doing it at all.” The eminent professor was speaking to a friend of mine about heart surgery. He was not advocating Operating Under the Influence, nor am I.

The point is that the technical component of surgery--the cutting, the sewing, the rearranging--is pretty easy. It is true that in the OR, as on the golf course, some are more gifted than others, some more experienced. But almost anyone can get through an operation or a round of golf, given training and equipment necessary to the act.

In more than ten years as surgical faculty, I worked with only one resident whom I considered technically hopeless, and he proved me…

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