Bariatric Surgeons

As obesity creeps into preschools, and hypertension and type II diabetes become pediatric problems for the very first time, the case for starting preventive health care in the cradle has become too compelling to keep ignoring - Heidi Murkoff

Bariatric Surgeons

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According To UK Study, More People Should Get Bariatric Surgery

Should more people be getting bariatric surgery, which involves reducing the size of the stomach to help lose weight? A study published in PLoS Medicine suggests that performing bariatric surgery on a much greater proportion of the estimated 1.4 million morbidly obese people in the United Kingdom could “prevent or resolve many tens of thousands of cases of hypertension and type 2 diabetes” as well as preventing many other obesity-related illnesses. Does this mean that bariatric surgery is a solution if you are obese? Not necessarily. Does this mean that people who could benefit from bariatric surgery are not getting the surgery? Yes.

Bariatric surgery entails reducing the size of the…

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