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EMS apps—small, EMS-specific applications that run on smartphones—are proving to be extremely valuable tools for EMTs. Collectively they bring sophisticated lifesaving technologies and knowledge bases to wherever an EMT is working, even in the remotest of areas.

There are several apps out there now useful to EMS,” says Josh Mularella, DO, owner of Denali Apps and an emergency medicine resident at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. “These range from protocol apps to drug references and hazmat guides. Some are even designed for prehospital documentation of patient encounters.

Worth noting: “Most developers of EMS apps realize these will be used out in the field and that sometimes a wireless signal will not be available,” Mularella adds. “Because of that, most of these apps (including all of mine) are designed to have all the content within the app itself. Therefore, they will run with or without cell coverage or Internet access.

Source: EMS Apps Make Life Easier, EMS World, February 1, 2013.

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