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EMS Apps Make Life Easier

EMS apps—small, EMS-specific applications that run on smartphones—are proving to be extremely valuable tools for EMTs. Collectively they bring sophisticated lifesaving technologies and knowledge bases to wherever an EMT is working, even in the remotest of areas.

There are several apps out there now useful to EMS,” says Josh Mularella, DO, owner of Denali Apps and an emergency medicine resident at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. “These range from protocol apps to drug references and hazmat guides. Some are even designed for prehospital documentation of patient encounters.

Worth noting: “Most developers of EMS apps realize these will be used out in the field…

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 EMS Apps Make Life Easier

EMS apps–small, EMS-specific applications that run on smartphones–are proving to be extremely valuable tools for EMTs. Collectively they bring sophisticated lifesaving technologies and knowledge bases to wherever an EMT is working, even in the remotest of areas.

10 apps every paramedic should have

Stay up to speed on the latest mobile technology to help you do your job.

i Phone Apps

New iPhone applications are constantly being developed to provide EMS professionals with digital resources they can use while on the move.

EMS Pocket Drug Guide

This is the first EMS pocket drug guide that contains the detailed information typically found only in much larger reference books. EMS Pocket Drug Guide is a true must-have for any level EMS provider from basic to advanced. Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, it should always be with you for quick, reliable reference in the field.


The iPhone app is the best way for EMS professionals to keep informed while on a shift or on the move. Stay up to date on breaking EMS news, videos, expert columnist articles, useful tips and other relevant information

ERG 2016

PHMSA (U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration)'s 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook provides first responders with a go-to resource to help deal with hazmat accidents during the critical first 30 minutes.

Full Code Pro

This real-time app makes recording during codes easy. It can also simplify data entry and helps providers increase the availability and accuracy of documentation. The information that providers log enables more robust data for review, debriefing and resuscitation quality improvement.

Hopkins ABX Guide

The Johns Hopkins POC-IT Guides are evidence-based clinical decision resources. Trusted content in the ABX, Diabetes, and HIV Guides is easily accessed, promptly applied, and frequently updated


OmniMedix was created by a practicing street medic with simple design that allows the user to calculate the proper medication infusion rate within seconds instead of fumbling through endless menus.


Pedi-STAT is a rapid reference for RNs, paramedics, physicians and other healthcare professionals caring for pediatric patients in the emergency or critical care environment.

Pulsara: Medical Communication

Built with the power of mobile technology, Pulsara unites the right clinicians at the right time for the right patient — providing transparency and streamlined communication when time is essential. Just CREATE a dedicated patient channel.


If the cardiac emergency is in a public place, the location-aware application will alert trained citizens in the vicinity of the need for bystander CPR simultaneous with the dispatch of advanced medical care. The application also directs these citizen rescuers to the exact location of the closest publicly accessible Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

SirenFXFree - Police / Emergency Sound Effects

SirenFX is the ultimate in emergency sound effects. It includes everything from police radio, to bullhorn instructions, to a British Police siren. It comes loaded with studio quality sound effects.

12 Lead ECG Challenge

12-Lead ECG Challenge is the ideal way to sharpen your 12-Lead ECG interpretation skills. Created by Tom Bouthillet electrocardiography expert and popular ECG blogger, this app contains 180 clinically obtained 12-lead ECGs to provide you the practice, insights and confidence you need!


Epocrates, Inc. develops clinical information and decision support tools that enable healthcare professionals to find answers more quickly and confidently at the point of care. More than 500,000 healthcare professionals, including one in four U.S. physicians, use Epocrates'' innovative mobile and web-based products to help them reduce medical errors, improve patient care and increase productivity.


On their way to the scene, all paramedics and technicians can be ready for anything from cardiac life support to burns, blast injuries, HazMat or CBRNE events. Signs and symptoms, assessment, interventions and transport issues are instantly accessible.


Skyscape, Inc. is the worldwide leader in mobile medical information. Utilizing only the most trusted, valuable resources and tools, Skyscape delivers customizable content by specialty to medical professionals directly at point of care.

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