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The corpse is a silent witness who never lies - Anonymous

Forensic Scientists
Forensic Scientists

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How science is helping us solve some of the world's most notorious crimes

In the search for justice is the age of the great detective over and are we now living in the era of the scientist? A new book reveals all...

YOUR average criminal today knows how to handle even the cleverest questioning. Most will say nothing at all until their lawyers are present. The expression "no comment" has become commonplace. And eyewitness evidence has become less reliable, as defence teams become more adept at casting doubt upon it.

The fact is that most major cases today are closed by the use of forensic science, through the detailed attention of the people in white coats. Science has become the final adjudicator.


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 How science is helping us solve some of the world's most notorious crimes

IN the search for justice is the age of the great detective over and are we now living in the era of the scientist? A new book reveals all..

Five Future Breakthroughs in Forensic Technology

Forensic technology has made huge breakthroughs over the past thirty-five years that I’ve been around criminal and forensic investigations. Without question, the next thirty-five are going to bring mind-blowing advances. I’ve looked into my forensic crystal ball to come up with five things I think will be real by 2050.

Top Forensic Websites

These websites feature news and analysis about various aspects of the forensic science profession. The sites are listed in broad categories for easy perusal, and are not being ranked, as each has a uniquely valuable perspective on the forensic science field.

Ask a Forensic Artist

I’m Lisa Bailey, full-time forensic artist at the FBI, Instructor, and Author of “Ask a Forensic Artist.” I started this site to fill a major void in the field of forensic art: education.


Forensic’s website is a content-rich destination for news, intelligence, new products and technology, and a wealth of additional tools for forensic professionals. Updated throughout the day with current information by our editorial staff...

Forensic Methods

Welcome to Forensic Methods! This site is a repository of computer forensic tools and techniques to assist clients, students, and fellow practitioners.

Forensic Nexus

The Ultimate Guide to Forensic Science. Learn about careers in Forensic Science, read the latest news, connect with top professionals, and find the best Forensics schools in the world.

Forensic Pathology Online

This site is a guide to the science of forensic medicine solely pertaining to the medico legal investigation of the dead.

Innocence Project of Florida

The Innocence Project of Florida is a non-profit legal organization providing pro bono services to our clients. Our mission is to find and free the innocent in Florida prisons, help the exonerees transition back into a changed society, and work to reform the criminal justice system.

Investigation Discovery

Forensic videos from the Discovery channel.

National Forensic Science Technology Center

The National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) supports the forensic science, justice and military communities through innovative programs, evaluation, training and laboratory quality reviews.

Reddy's Forensic Page

My name is Reddy P. Chamakura. I am a retired forensic scientist with Police Laboratory, New York City Police Department. I took retirement after spending 36 years in forensic field.

The Forensic Teacher Magazine

We’re a staff of volunteers. This is a magazine for teachers by teachers. It’s a labor of love and we appreciate your patronage.

The Virtual Autopsy

The concept of Virtual Autopsy was born when Tim Taylor a medical student at the University of Leicester, created this site as part of a medical informatics special study module. The project was so big that he was commissioned to complete the site after the end of the study module.

Crime Lab Report

Crime Lab Report is an independent organization that analyzes media coverage, industry trends, and public-policies related to forensic science and its application within the criminal justice system. In this capacity, we seek to keep the public record open and honest so that policy-decisions regarding this critical profession will be based on accurate information.

CSI Web Adventures

The CSI Web Adventures would not have been possible without the generous efforts of our many science collaborators.

Evidence Technology Magazine

The first issue of Evidence Technology Magazine was published in May 2003, becoming the first trade publication in the United States focused exclusively on evidence collection, processing, and preservation. Since then, we have covered a wide range of topics, including: the CSI effect, fingerprint technology, crime-scene safety, computer forensics...

ITSGOV’s mission is that of providing informative and valuable resources from the world of crime scene investigation and forensic science. Interested individuals will find all of sorts of insightful information related to their object of study, be it forensic anthropology, pathology, entomology, DNA forensics, and so on, besides various “industry news” or real life CSI cases.

Live from the Coroner's Office

The Coroner of Lake County, IL talking about life and death in the purview of a County Coroner.

Visible Proofs

Visible Proofs is about the history of forensic medicine. Over the centuries, physicians, surgeons, and other professionals have struggled to develop scientific methods that translate views of bodies and body parts into "visible proofs" that can persuade judges, juries, and the public.

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