Can the human soul be glimpsed through a microscope? Maybe, but you'd definitely need one of those very good ones with two eyepieces - Woody Allen (1981)


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Virtual microscopy: New online resource for educators and researchers

A medical student in Michigan. A nursing student in Ghana. An anatomy professor in Brazil. A researcher in Australia. All need to learn—or teach—about the human body at the most basic level.

For all of them, nothing beats a microscope-level view of healthy organs, tissues and cells. That view sets the stage for learning how these structures change because of mutation, disease or the passage of time—and how to prevent, slow or stop those changes.

Until recently, only those with access to microscopes and libraries of glass slides, each with a tiny sample of preserved tissue, were able to study cells and tissues at the microscopic scale.

Now, students and…

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 Virtual microscopy: New online resource for educators and researchers

A medical student in Michigan. A nursing student in Ghana. An anatomy professor in Brazil. A researcher in Australia. All need to learn—or teach—about the human body at the most basic level.

Dr. B's Histo Review

This is a great site for a histology course. Good listing of characteristics of the various tissues. There is a practice practical with explanations. The practice practical includes questions which are very specific. There is a nice written summary of the features of the various organs and tissues. There are also old lecture examinations - Histology-World

Histo Slides Database

Search our huge database of Histo-Slides.

Histology Blogs

Reflections on histology.

Histology Drawings

You can use Site Map link below to access the histological drawing you are looking for. Click on the images or open at new tab to see them in detail.

Histology Guide

This web site and corresponding atlas represents many years of work by T. Clark Brelje and Robert L. Sorenson. Many hours have been spent finding the best specimens, processing images, producing the atlas, and developing this web site.


One of the main strengths of this atlas is that it is presented from the student point of view.


This is a collection of images I use for teaching, things I see in the microscope and things other people see in the microscope and then send to me. I hope it helps the world heart histo a little more.

The Histology Zoomer

The Histology Zoomer allows you to view images of tissues from microscope slides used in Human Anatomy and Physiology courses at YVCC. This online histology atlas contains basic histology slides and more specific slides from different organ systems. It allows you to navigate around and magnify the pictures. The goal is to provide realistic images at magnifications that are used in lab.

The SecondLook™ Histology Series

The SecondLookTM Histology mobile application for the iPad, the iPhone and Android devices is a study aid that provides a series of histology slides for users to self-test their level of knowledge and ability to recognize histological structures.

Virtual Microscope

The NYU Virtual Microscope was created by the NYU School of Medicine Institute for Innovations in Medical Education to display, annotate, and navigate over 1,500 digital histology and pathology slides.

Virtual Microscopy Database

With the advent and the proliferation of virtual microscopy in histology and pathology education and research, VMD was created as a centralized repository where the community of scholars and researchers can share a large selection of virtual tissue slides for enhancing education, research, and scholarship.


Visual Histology teaching materials are designed to work individually or together as an integrated multimedia educational system. Ideal for students, instructors, multimedia centers and distance learning, these

Anatomicum: Oral and Craniofacial Histology

Anatomy and histology for medical and dental students.

Blue Histology

The page provides access to about 440 large images of almost all slides you will be studying. Most of what is visible in the slides under the microscope will also be visible in these images.

Cells Alive

CELLS alive! represents 30 years of capturing film and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms for education and medical research.

Color Images of Histological Sections

Click on button by appropriate tissue type or organ system in the color gifs...

De Histology

Histology for your life.

Don MacCallum's Michigan History

In the late 1990ies, Prof. Donald K. MacCallum put together an extremely useful hands-on histology lab manual that was based on his experience from teaching histology to many generations of University of Michigan students. Unfortunately, that original digital manual is no longer compatible with today's computer systems. The authors have updated and revised the original manual as an eBook version

Ed's Basic Histology Gallery

This site introduces basic concepts of histology actively, without having to schedule classroom time.

Electron Microscopic Atlas

EM atlas of cells, tissues, and organs.

Histolgy Learning System

By methodically reviewing images in this database you will learn to identify cells, tissues, organs, and parts of organs correctly. You learn to do this, not by memorizing the images, rather, by learning how morphological features relate to function and by understanding which features are most diagnostic of organ systems and organs of the systems.

Histology at SIU SOM

SIU School of Medicine hosts an instructional website for introductory histology, characterized by extensively hyperlinked text and images to facilitate efficient self-directed learning.


Histology Can Be Fun? You bet! You are about to begin a unique histology experience! My name is Sarah Bellham, and I will be your hostess on this exciting histology adventure.


Histosearch searches over 12 million web pages and images from histopathology related sites on the Internet.

John Kiernan's Facts and Files

This is a collection of data files and programs written by me (J. A. Kiernan) and made freely available for anyone to read or download.

Lab Manager

More and more lab professionals are turning to Lab Manager for the latest trends, innovations and insights. Today in print and online, Lab Manager continues to grow as the lab professional’s most important publication.

Under the Microscope

Are you always up-to-date with news in the histology field? Under the Microscope is a highly informative e-news brief.

UW Histology Atlas

Easy to use gallery.

Zoomified Histology

A great site. Sorted by topic. Each topic has a tutorial and practical exams. The site has a search feature and more links. They have a good section on the Anatomy and Histology of Normal Skin as well. Nice photomicrographs accompanied by brief description - Histology-World

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