Respiratory Therapists

To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Respiratory Therapists
Respiratory Therapists

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You have one job to do and one job only...

I will be honest with you. When I first became an RT I was scared shitless. Here I'm fresh out of school and I'm expected to work nights by myself. There's one way to learn -- the best way -- and that's to just be thrown into a stressful situation. It's what makes you or breaks you.

So I had no choice but to get better. I had no choice but to get my feet wet. I was essentially thrown to the wolves. So I had no choice but to get better, more comfortable, and I did as time went by.

I had to do this if I wanted to keep my job, and I did. I needed money. I needed to support my family.

Then one day I realized there's nothing to worry…

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 You have one job to do and one job only...

I will be honest with you. When I first became an RT I was scared shitless. Here I'm fresh out of school and I'm expected to work nights by myself. There's one way to learn -- the best way -- and that's to just be thrown into a stressful situation. It's what makes you or breaks you.

21 Virtues of Respiratory Therapy

So I wrote earlier about Ben Franklin's 13 Virtues to his success, and how he believed anyone who followed these virtues would be bound to successful lives. That in mind, I've created a list of 21 virtues to becoming a respiratory therapist.

23 Tips to make yourself a standout RT

Want to be the respiratory therapist nurses love to work with? Want to be the RT patients think of long after you clock out? Want to be the RT the bosses think of when there's a fun conference that needs attending? Then you'll want to be a standout therapist.


RT: For Decision Makers in Respiratory Care (RT) is a leading source of information for respiratory care practitioners. It provides clinical information, updates on trends, practical insights, business tips, and news on the latest product and services. RT covers clinical and current health care issues via in-depth facility profiles, case reports, and feature-length articles that address how health care issues ultimately will affect the respiratory care field.

RT Cave

This blog contains a combination of satire, irreverent humor, facts and serious writings for a combination of audiences which include, but are not limited to, respiratory therapists, nurses, doctors, asthmatics, chronic lungers, parents and relatives of the above mentioned.Please note that while all posts on this blog are based on real incidences, names and places may be exaggerated so this blogger does not violate confidentiality of individuals and the workplace. Facetious posts are labeled as humor. This blog is meant to be educational in a fun way


The items shown are a collection of inhalers and asthma therapies, collected through working in the medical device industry and through auctions.


'Respiration' brings together the results of both clinical and experimental investigations on all aspects of the respiratory system in health and disease. Clinical improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of chest and lung diseases are covered, as are the latest findings in physiology, biochemistry, pathology, immunology and pharmacology.

Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care deals with the subject area of the same name, and thus publishes articles pertaining to disorders affecting the cardiorespiratory system, including their pathogenesis, pathophysiology, manifestations, diagnostic assessment, monitoring, prevention, and management.

Respiratory Cram

Our goals are to make learning respiratory therapy less painful and less confusing. We also want to have fun, do exceptional work, treat people right, have a positive impact on the respiratory community, give back, and keep learning.

Respiratory Medicine Case Reports

Respiratory Medicine Case Reports is an open access, respiratory journal dedicated to publishing case reports. Case reports must be authentic, understandable, educational and clinically interesting to an international audience of respiratory physicians, trainees and researchers in all respiratory subspecialties, as well as clinicians in related fields.

Respiratory Therapy

Welcome to Respiratory Therapy, the Journal of Pulmonary Technique. We’re bringing a new concept in presenting information to RT managers and supervisors, respiratory therapists, nurses, researchers and students. Our goal is to present a wide variety of papers in a clear, effective and familiar clinical format.

Respiratory Therapy Zone

Whether it’s studying for tests in school or preparing for the board exams, we got you covered. Let’s face it, Respiratory Therapy School is extremely difficult. But that’s where we come in to help by providing you with the tools and resources you need to be successful.


The goal is to provide health care professionals with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to empower people and their caregivers to optimally manage their chronic disease. RESPTrec® is a family of training courses offering hands-on workshops in cities across Canada. The courses provide the highest standard of training in asthma, COPD and education for health care professionals wishing to challenge the Canadian Network for Respiratory Care National certification.


RTSleepWorld is a dynamic, comprehensive web portal that delivers the latest information to Respiratory Care, Sleep Medicine and EEG Professionals. Our content is hand picked and updated on a daily basis.

The Lancet Respiratory Medicine

The Lancet publishes a weekly journal and six monthly specialty journals in the fields of global health, diabetes and endocrinology, oncology, neurology, respiratory medicine, and infectious diseases. All Lancet journals are published online and in print, with the exception of The Lancet Global Health, which is exclusively online.

American Association for Respiratory Care

Since 1947, the American Association for Respiratory Care has been committed to enhancing your professionalism as a respiratory care practitioner, improving your performance on the job, and helping you broaden the scope of knowledge essential to your success.

Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology

The Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology (ARTP), through standards of training and quality assurance, are the professional guardians of physiological measurement issues in respiratory medicine in the UK.

Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care is a Professional Network of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Our objective is to promote best practice in respiratory physiotherapy for the benefit of patients.

British Columbia Respiratory Therapy

Resource for RTs RNs and allied health.

Canadian Board for Respiratory Care

The Canadian Board for Respiratory Care, (CBRC) is a non-profit organization producing examinations for credentialing at the entry to practice level.

Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy

The Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy is published four times a year and represents the interests of respiratory therapists nationally and internationally. The CJRT encourages submission of original articles, papers, commentaries, case studies,

Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists

CSRT is the national professional association for respiratory therapists. Founded in 1964 as the Canadian Society of Inhalation Therapy Technicians, the CSRT is dedicated to excellence in cardiorespiratory care.

National Board for Respiratory Care

National Board for Respiratory Care, Inc. (NBRC) is a voluntary health certifying board which was created in 1960 to evaluate the professional competence of respiratory therapists. A group of Chicago physicians and therapists recognized the need to formalize the training and registration of practitioners involved in the care and support of patients with respiratory disorders.

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

NHLBI leads a national program in the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, and blood; in sleep disorders; and in the uses of blood and blood resources. The Institute is responsible for research on three of the four leading causes of death in the United States-heart disease, stroke, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

For physicians and medical students interested in imaging of the thorax. Includes lectures, lung cancer information, links and educational resources.

FOCUS Journal For Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine

FOCUS Journal For Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine, celebrating its 24th anniversary in 2013, is edited for clinicians, managers and educators who practice in acute care hospitals, homecare settings and sleep laboratories, nationwide. Issues contain clinical articles pertaining to respiratory care and sleep medicine as well as articles dealing with administration and management.

Just Nebulizers

Just Nebulizers provides premium products throughout the United States for people of all ages seeking the very best respiratory treatment with a nebulizer system. We understand the importance of choosing the right nebulizer equipment for use with your respiratory medications.


Welcome to, the Internet's premier source of ventilator product and supplier information, news, discussion, education, tools, and vent resources for the respiratory and critical care community!

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