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A Day in the Life of an Inner-City Social Worker

You haven't had a shit day at work until someone threatens to kill you and means it. Or until you've had to see to a tiny baby who's been burned repeatedly with cigarettes. Or until you've been so scared you want to call the police but can't in case it will get back to your employer.

Welcome to life as a children's social worker in London.

Child protection means working with children who are at risk of or suffering "significant harm"—i.e., something that will have a significant impact on their health and/or development: physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, emotional abuse. It could be indirect, too, like seeing or hearing someone else being mistreated. Or witnessing domestic…

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  A Day in the Life of an Inner-City Social Worker

Looking after the protection of children can be a rewarding job—when you're not receiving insults and death threats, that is.

Social Work Career

This site will provide you with a variety of helpful social work career resources such as: tools to pass the LMSW licensing exam, career management and interview tips, what to expect in graduate school, interviews with mental health professionals, as well as posts about different therapeutic modalities and areas of practice.

The Social Work Graduate School Site

Your source for information on applying, getting in, and navigating the social work graduate school experience. Brought to you by THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER

Best Social Work Programs

If you are interested in becoming a social worker, you’re probably interested in learning about the profession and earning a degree from a top accredited social work program...Everyone has to start somewhere. The first step to becoming a social worker is getting the education and background you need to become successful.

Council on Social Work Education

CSWE is a national association of social work education programs and individuals that ensures and enhances the quality of social work education for a professional practice that promotes individual, family, and community well-being, and social and economic justice.

Masters in Social Work Online

This website is designed as a resource hub for prospective social workers as well as social workers already working in the field.

The College of Social Work

If you are currently studying to become a social worker, or are thinking of doing so, then you are entering the profession at an exciting time. There are lots of changes happening within the profession at the moment which will affect you both as a student, and when you qualify.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Social workers work in a variety of settings, including mental health clinics, schools, hospitals, and private practices. They generally work full time and may need to work evenings and weekends. A bachelor’s degree is required for most direct-service social work positions, but some positions and settings require a master’s degree. Clinical social workers must have a master’s degree. Licensure for social workers varies by state. Clinical social workers must be licensed.


Medical or health care social workers are often required to complete a master's degree in social work to qualify for an entry-level position. Bachelor's degree programs include coursework in human behavior, social policy, statistics and social work research. Master's degree programs include courses in group behavior, social policy and human development.

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