Podiatric medicine

The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground - Buddha

Podiatric medicine

image by: WesternU College of Podiatric Medicine

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Dear Incoming Podiatric Medical Student

You are embarking on a lifelong journey, cloaked in the guise of a four-year excursion in podiatry school. Everything you have heard about this adventure will not do justice to what you will soon discover on your own. This is not because your predecessors leave out important information when you ask for their guidance. To the contrary, the advice I received from upperclassmen and mentors was invaluable. Nonetheless, the medical school experience is so heuristic that sometimes the best aspect you can prepare an incoming student for is its empirical quality.

There is no one size fits all model for success in medical school. Success in and of itself is defined broadly depending on the…

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