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The future of medicine will be treatment and prevention tailored to the individual. But that future will only be realized with the engagement of diverse communities in efforts such as the All of Us Research Program - Jane L. Delgado Phd MS

Asian Healthcare

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When Asian Americans Are Missing from Public Health Data, It’s Harder to Protect Them

If the past year of COVID-19 has shown the world anything, it’s that the task of public health is always trying to get an accurate picture of reality so that it may stop or prevent harms. Public health researchers do this through science—theorizing, gathering data, analyzing the statistics, and putting forth conclusions based on the evidence that is then subject to the scrutiny of peer review—so that the evidence, facts, and truth can guide policymakers to improve people’s health.

But what this past year has made much more evident is that we are way behind where we should be when it comes to scientific data on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. This perhaps mirrors what we are…

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