Hispanic Healthcare

Most American healthcare deals with a kind of factory approach where you’re in and out and that’s that. But for Latinos, we value having a relationship with our doctors - Marisa Salcines

Hispanic Healthcare

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Why Many Latinos Dread Going to the Doctor

Recent studies have found that Latinos are the racial and ethnic group least likely to visit the doctor. More than one-fourth of Latino adults in the United States lack a usual healthcare provider and almost half of Latinos never visit a medical professional during the course of the year. Other reports show that Latinos are more likely than members of other groups to delay healthcare for an illness or drop out of treatment when symptoms disappear.

Meanwhile, Latinos in some states were reluctant to sign up for the Obamacare exchanges. With Latinos accounting for one-third of the uninsured in the country, healthcare advocates have puzzled over why Latinos seem hesitant to seek healthcare.


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